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Brotfeld Diamond is a specialist in manufacturing Old European Cut or, as it is also known, Old Mine Cut stones.

Eliezer founded the company with his late wife, Sofia, 40 years ago. He began as a diamond polisher…

Brotfeld Diamonds believes in providing a highly personalized service based on a person-to-person business model.

Most old European cuts are also distinguished by a very small table, usually less than 53 percent.

Old Mine

First started appearing in jewelry

Since diamonds first started appearing in jewelry, these stones were a product of the technology of the time . The diamonds, cut without the advantage of motorized machinery, followed the rough diamond’s octahedral shape.

Old mine and old European diamonds

The shape of the old mine and old European diamonds of that time was not uniform at all. One side might be narrower than the opposite side. There were a lot of variations in the shapes and facet arrangements, and the sizes of the facets were not uniform whatsoever.

What constitutes good cuts of ROSE CUT DIAMONDS?

Good Rose Cut Diamonds are effected by several different elements which have a large impact on a diamond’s brilliance. These include the Width and Depth of the stone, the Symmetry and the alignment of a diamond’s facets and the polish. Diamond Clarity is a measure of a diamond’s blemishes and inclusions which also effect the brilliance of diamonds and their sparkle because they interfere with the passage of light travelling through the precious stone. The skill of the jeweller will ensure that Rose cut diamonds have a suitable cut to give the most beautiful results in respect of their lustre, transparency, refraction and dispersion of light.

The ROSE CUT DIAMONDS was created to resemble an opening rose-bud. It is chosen when the loss to the stone would be great if the Brilliant cut were selected. ROSE CUT look like diamonds which have been cut upside -down. The characteristic of the ROSE CUT is that it is flat below, and forms a hemisphere or low pyramid above, covered with small facets. The crown of the ROSE CUT is domed shaped and the facets meet in a point in the center.